Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Social Organization book

As you may know I started up this blog to boost sales of my last book, Strategic Human Capital Management: Creating Value for People - a topic which remains a regular feature of the blog.

I think the blog may now be getting near to the end of its life - partly because the nature of blogging, social media and engagement has changed so much now. And partly because I'm finishing off my next book and increasingly I'm going to want to blog on that.
This book is going to be called The Social Organization and will be published by Kogan Page next June.

This book will in many ways build upon the last one, suggesting that we need to be clear about the outcomes we are focusing on creating, and than increasingly these outcomes need to focus on social as well as human capital.

Once companies are clear about the social outcomes they want to create, they can then identify the relevant activities, both real and digital, which will best lead to these outcomes. Most of the book focuses on describing these activities:
  • Job, group and organisation design
  • Workplace design
  • People management
  • Team and community facilitation
  • Organisation development
  • Digital / social technology strategy
  • Leadership development.

I'll share more details about the book next year once I've got a bit more time -

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